Together, we make your tech happen.

Delivering value to the business lifecycle grounded in a holistic picture of autonomy.

We're different because every solution we develop for you is part of a bigger game plan for your company and not a "one off." By thinking strategically and taking the time to imagine being in your shoes, we tailor our services to deliver long-term value.

Our perspective on solving your problems is grounded in our experience working with a broad cross section of industry participants and placing these within the proper context. That allows us to help you identify real and not phantom problems. It also allows us to help you identify issues on the horizon that may not touch you day to day, but will affect you as your company grows.

The range of services we offer are the best in the business in terms of value and expertise. Those centered on aviation and homeland security technologies can not be equaled. Yes, we are that confident.

The team at Catalyst-Go has pioneered methods, solutions and principles that define investment strategy, development, or use of autonomous technologies. Leveraging our experience, we work alongside senior leaders to provide value-focused solutions that fit your bottom line.



User-focused technical analysis.

We focus on the end user when we evaluate your technology. We help ensure that what works in the lab works equally well or better for the user in the field. Our approach is to help you present your product as accurately as possible and then help you fill gaps between it's capabilities and end user expectations.


Strong ties to the top of your industry.

We have strong relationships and deep experience working with national and international regulators. We speak their language. We recognize impediments and opportunities faster than anyone else. Then we help you execute a regulatory strategy to bring about changes necessary to make your product a reality and sellable in the marketplace.


Transforming your idea into marketable innovations.

We extend your organic institutional capabilities into federal and international standards spaces. In doing so, we help you protect your research, build relationships, and understand industry research requirements. We do this at a far lower cost than you can do out of your incubator.


Insight-driven investing.

We offer value-based products to investors focusing on seed and A series funding. In this investment space, we provide focused expertise to identify obstacles to growth. We provide evidence-based research to validate that "gut feeling." We help you make the most out of your money by helping differentiate between good companies and WOW companies.


Empowering organizations to grow and outperform

We don't view ourselves as a consulting group. We're a service provider. We understand the components necessary to build a successful autonomy company better than anyone, because we've actually spent our entire careers here. We are not shy to saying we are experts in aviation and homeland security. And we're not here to nickel and dime you every step of the way. Our business model features package pricing, where you only pay for the end result. No retainers. No meters left running. Just simplified and predictable services that spark innovation.