Venture Investor


A venture investor looking to make a multi-million dollar investment in an established high tech camera/imaging company was looking to back up the firm's due diligence in this investment. Everything looked good at first glance to the investor. The camera produced high quality images, and the manufacturer assured the investor it could fit into a common military UAV, the Predator.


Airframe engineers and electrical specialists were provided with details of the camera system and evaluated both it's potential integration into the airframe and power requirements from the aircraft. Upon further examination, it was found that the camera, while light enough for the UAV/drone, was too large to fit within the payload space. Further, the camera required so much power that it could not be operated simultaneously with other on-board systems. As a result of this work, the venture investor moved on and avoided investing in a technology unable to fit into a common UAV platform. The hype around the camera did not match the reality.