Technical Solutions for Passenger Screenings


A leading international trade association needed to offer a solution for making security lanes more efficient and friendly. They needed a proposal that stakeholders would endorse, regulators would embrace, and do a better screening job passenger than the current system to maintain the highest levels of security. This job fell on the desk of the founder of Catalyst-Go. The CEO sketched out a notional solution on a post-it note and challenged him to make it a reality.


Our founder gathered a team of expert staff and technical experts to begin developing a technical solution to the passenger screening problem. At it's peak over 100 individuals and 35 companies collaborated to develop a blueprint. The solution in hand was presented to industry stakeholders through trade shows, the press, and one on one engagements with key international leaders. Through sound technology and stakeholder engagement this Checkpoint of the Future program progressed from a Post-it-Note to an ICAO resolution endorsing it's key principals by 190 nations. It appeared on the front page of the New York Times Business Section.