Security Screening Technology


A client was interested in bidding on a multipart billion dollar + government contract. While it had expertise in many of the areas in the solicitation, it was missing subject matter expertise in several areas involving security screening technology. The client asked Catalyst-Go for technical help in proposal development in these areas.


We leveraged our understanding of how DHS procures security screening technology. First, we reviewed the "governmentese" of the bid and ask "what does the government really want here?" Understanding what forces are driving a procurement is an important step in writing a good proposal. The first step was to look at any legislation authorizing and appropriating new equipment. Next we reviewed existing DHS regulatory requirements and technology roadmaps. These helped us understand the basis for the procurement. Then we looked at the key leaders in the agencies doing the procurement. We tried to understand through their congressional testimony and other public statements what was on their minds. Getting inside their head is an important step in understanding what type of proposal would be favorable to them. Finally we wrote our sections of the responses using this business intelligence along with our knowledge of the technology.