Procurement of Controversial Security Technology


A client needed to understand and address community concerns around a large government procurement of controversial security technology. They needed to find a balance between technology that would perform the mission of the government agency, yet answer the concerns of concerned stakeholders. Using this information the client could write a proposal with a higher chance of success.


Catalyst-Go, first started by doing a thorough review of Congressional statements, public statements, and white papers of stakeholders concerned by the technology procurement. This was then used to create a list of stakeholder organizations and individuals who needed to be engaged to solicit their concerns. Stakeholders were individually engaged as well as organizations through listening sessions. Concerns were cataloged and mapped across the clients technology. This information was then used to establish a ground truth of which technologies would engender what type of complaint. Where possible technologies with lesser concern replaced those of higher concerns. During these listening sessions C-G developed for the client public messaging to help get the real story out. We also identified news sources and industry forums where this story could be told with the most impact among the concerned parties.