Case Studies

Procurement of Controversial Security Technology

A client needed to understand and address community concerns around a large government procurement of controversial security technology. They needed to find a balance between technology that would perform the mission of the government agency, yet answer the concerns of concerned stakeholders. Using this information the client could write a proposal with a higher chance of success.

Technical Solutions for Passenger Screenings

A leading international trade association needed to offer a solution for making security lanes more efficient and friendly. They needed a proposal that stakeholders would endorse, regulators would embrace, and do a better screening job passenger than the current system to maintain the highest levels of security. This job fell on the desk of the founder of Catalyst-Go. The CEO sketched out a notional solution on a post-it note and challenged him to make it a reality.

Biotech Security

A biotech startup needed to better understand applications for their patented technology and markets in which they may have first mover advantage. They believed that of the many applications and markets where this technology could be used what they had invented might have security applications but didn't know if the technology was fit for purpose or if the government or commercial companies would be their potential market.

Venture Investor

A venture investor looking to make a multi-million dollar investment in an established high tech camera/imaging company was looking to back up the firm's due diligence in this investment. Everything looked good at first glance to the investor. The camera produced high quality images, and the manufacturer assured the investor it could fit into a common military UAV, the Predator A.