Biotech Security

Finding Your Fit in a New Market


A biotech startup needed to better understand applications for their patented technology and markets in which they may have first mover advantage. They believed that of the many applications and markets where this technology could be used, what they had invented might have security applications. However, they were unsure if the technology was fit for purpose or if the government or commercial companies would be their potential market.


Using our deep knowledge of technology in security screening technology, we identified 3 key applications for the company's sensor technology. We fit the technology with the substance detection needed and determined where in a screening process this sensor capability could best be used. We also reviewed Department of Homeland Security technology development and deployment roadmaps and provided a market overview for the client.

Current Engagement

Catalyst-Go remains a key advisor, serving on the Company's Technical Advisory Board and project advisors as the company commercializes it's technology.