How Does the FAA Regulate UAS w/Jim Williams

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Jim Williams helps you understand the playing field when it comes to the FAA in our newest podcast. Learn how to quickly recognize unforced errors that can bring your UAS program to a halt with regulators. As the FAA’s top executive on unmanned aircraft (UAS) for many years, Jim and his team wrote the rules, so he knows.

Our conversation spans his time being the top global regulator on UAS to working with clients struggling to comply with unmanned systems regulations. We discuss essentials to executing a compliance strategy, the relationship between the industry and the FAA, the secret sauce behind how FAA writes UAS regulations, and why you should never describe your UAS as "autonomous."

All this and much more from the person who literally wrote the book on unmanned systems in the United States.

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Image by Lynne Henry

Meet Jim Williams, President of JHW Unmanned Solutions. Jim has more than 33 years leading aerospace technology programs. He works with military, consumer, and commercial unmanned aircraft clients advising them on technology and compliance issues. Previously, he was a Principal at Dentons, a Washington, D.C. based law firm with a global unmanned systems practice. Immediately prior to this role, Jim was at the helm of the FAA’s Unmanned Aircraft Systems Integration Office. This office functions as the Agency’s focal point for all UAS related activity. During his extensive career with the FAA, Jim led the organization tasked with life-cycle management of all FAA air traffic control communications systems, worked at the FAA Command Center, and led the team that designed, procured and fielded the FAA’s prototype Air/Ground Data Link Communications System. Jim also led the FAA Team that negotiated with other federal agencies to create a second civil GPS frequency. Jim started his career working in NASA’s Mission Control Center as a flight controller for the Space Shuttle program. Jim graduated from the Georgia Institute of Technology in 1983 with a BS in Aerospace Engineering.

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