"When would a city ban autonomous vehicles?" w/ Karina Ricks

In this interview, we ask the City of Pittsburgh’s Director of the Department of Mobility and Infrastructure a very important question.

“How does a city decide when the autonomous vehicle operations are no longer safe?”

If you’ve ever wondered if a city might suspend operations after an accident, what metrics city officials care about, or how someone gets into a role to be making such decisions, this is the interview you should be listening to.

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Meet Karina Ricks, Director of Mobility & Infrastructure, City of Pittsburgh

Karina is well known throughout the autonomous vehicle community as a key public policy leader, innovator, and advocate for responsibly leveraging new technologies within communities. So much so, that the Mayor and the City Council of Pittsburgh recruited her to be the City’s first Director of Mobility and Infrastructure. A job that started with a blank piece of paper and a desire to ensure this community literally and figuratively moves together and not separately. Her experience in the Peace Corps in Tonga, as an advisor on the environment and micro-enterprise speaks volumes about how she views public service within a community.