Urban Planning, Office Design, and Sustainability in the Age of Autonomy: Amy Korté's Blueprints


Meet Amy Korté President, Arrowstreet

Amy is a global visionary in designing mixed-use projects and commercial buildings that allow the driverless cars, drones, and air taxis of tomorrow to operate safely and efficiently. Her plans start by embracing what people need. 

Sustainability, Resilience, and Affordable Housing

Amy's thoughts on how a successful design can meet the needs and expectations of residents, while achieving the bottom line results that make a building a good investment. How can cities like Boston decrease the size of their carbon footprint?


Urban Planning and Building Design for Future Technology

Before you plan for new tech, you better understand society. Arrowstreet's research shows that residential and office use of buildings are merging. Amy shares the importance of designing new building typologies that adapt and shift to accommodate trends in society.

Buildings and Autonomy

How do architects incorporate autonomy into their designs? Not the way you think. Amy talks about the simple questions that guide the planning process. She also shares her technology timelines and how to handle varying levels of autonomy.


Driverless is Great, but Delivery Drones are Better?

Amy's crystal ball and designer instinct says that in the near-term, drone delivery will have a far bigger impact on building design than driverless vehicles. Learn why she thinks you can radically change the urban environment for the better.