Invest with confidence.

The world of unmanned systems holds much promise for savvy investors, business owners and operators, and manufacturers. However, all too often you wind up with broken promises and unmet expectations.

The biggest question you face is does the technology perform as advertised. Does the vehicle stay airborne? Do the sensors actually collect the data you are expecting? Can the system be repaired in the field or does it require a trip back to the manufacturer?

Making sure you have a platform that can work outside the lab as well as inside shouldn't be your concern. Let it be ours. At Catalyst-Go we specialize in operational testing and evaluation of small to mid-size airborne platforms. Whether it's verification that technology works as advertised or if a certain payload can be successfully matched to a specific airframe, we cover the essentials so you can invest with confidence.

You don't need a do-it-all team

You need experts who know the field and know the right questions to ask. We've been working in this industry and flying drones since their inception, and can identify problems & concerns you would never recognize on your own. We've gained our experience both in commercial jet aviation and UAS.

We offer expert evaluation on:

  • Aircraft performance and handling qualities
  • Evaluation of ground control station pilot interfaces
  • 3rd party data collection and certification
  • Setup, launch, and recovery systems
  • Packing, transportation, and delivery systems

Providing the answers you need,
right when you need them.

We stand apart by standing apart.

The analysis we provide you is honest, accurate, and unbiased. We know what questions to ask, and we tell you all sides of the story-- the good, the bad and the ugly. We are not tied to a specific manufacturer, sensor provider, or vehicle type.

We are your testing facility.

You don't need to invest time and money in hiring technicians, purchasing dedicated equipment, and creating quality control & assurance processes. We can perform testing and evaluation on a wide-range of platforms. If the testing involves product safety requirements, such as OSHA, we have relationships with NRTL certified labs to bring your analysis to the next level.

We are dedicated to your goals.

We are not a production company, we are a quality company. Our team is dedicated to the testing of your vehicle and subsystems. And the technicians assigned to your account will only work on your project until the analysis is complete.

Ready to get started?

Stop working with consulting agencies who are eager to burn up budgets. Work with the experts to get you the right answers so you can make the right decisions, quickly.