Safety programs that grow with your company

When it comes to safe operations of unmanned vehicles, safety regulations and standards continue to be a work in progress among regulators and industry. If you wait until the development of new safety regulations catches up to your industry, you expose your company to a broad range of liability claims.

That's a problem if you are trying to keep your employees safe, bystanders secure, and investors confident that you have your corporate act together. One careless accident could put lives at risk and cost you your company and investment.

A strong safety program makes successful autonomous operations repeatable and not one offs. It starts with changes to an organization's structure where everyone get a role in safety, is supported by auditable standards, and contains a feedback process to learn from what happens well and what does't happen well. You need a corporate safety and operations culture from day one.

Take control of your risk

No matter what your foundational safety measures include, the important thing is to start now. From ISO Standards, DOT operational circulars, industry best practices and traditional safety programs, Catalyst-Go can help you develop and implement them from the start.

Don't worry that suddenly your company will be turned upside down and run like an airline or trucking company. It won't be. We specialize in building aviation safety programs around foundational tenants of full size aircraft standards adapted to the unmanned environment. When such unmanned standards are ultimately developed by DOT, ICAO, FAA, and EASA in years to come we expect that they will point back to the manned and drivered heritage. Your operational practices and safety culture will be one step ahead of the game when the time comes.

Our Process

We suggest that bringing us in at the ground floor makes the most sense. A company of 3-5 people is not too small to put the risk management and safety foundation in place. It starts with simple things like monthly safety meetings and a safety responsibility baked into every job description. It moves to specifying qualifications that your operators need and it extends to corporate limits being placed how you fly/drive and when you drive/fly.

If you are an established operator, hopefully you have these basics in place. But you need to add to them a robust safety auditing and assurance system, incident reporting and collection system, and build safety into the culture of your organization.

We will develop a program consistent with your company's stage of development. It will recognize where you are where you have to go. We just don't drop off a manual and leave. We work with you on an implementation strategy to include corporate changes, operational changes, and personnel requirements. Then we come back in on a series of check up sessions to assist.


  • Corporate governance risk assessments
  • Flight operations risk assessments
  • Emergency response and preparedness planning
  • Accident representation
  • Complete safety program development and implementation

We are your safety team

Our professionals are the best in the business. They come with tens of thousands of hours of flight operations experience. They have served as senior industry safety executives, safety program auditors, and training developers. And that experience becomes your experience as we coach you through all your safety concerns.

We're built to scale

We work with you to right size the safety solution based on the type of operations you conduct. When we perform a corporate governance and flight operations risk assessment we baseline where your company is today. Then we ask where you are going and we provide a solution based on todays reality and tomorrow's aspirations.

We're never satisfied

Safety is a passion and a commitment for our professionals. Keeping people safe and vehicles operating safely is more than a day job for us. It is our way of life. We don't just walk away after dropping of a safety plan. We guide you through the changes you need to perform the safety function better so you can continuously improve. Then we check back to make sure implementation has succeeded.

We stand by your side

Accidents happen and that's life pressing the boundaries of technology. But we don't run away at the first sign of trouble. Our experts have been centrally involved in some of the most complex safety investigations and technology developments of the jet age. We have worked on issues out of the tragedies of 9/11 for the companies involved, developed incident reporting and analysis systems for companies with over 100,000 employees and served on federal committees working to make the transportation sector safer and tackle tough contentious issues. We stick to our guns and help you put programs in place to comply with accident investigation requirements. From gathering data to working with the authorities, let us serve as your representatives.

Make safety your foundation

Don't sit around waiting for an accident occur. Prepare for the worst case scenario with help from Catalyst-Go.