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Regulatory filings contain important information on intended government regulatory action, such as new rules and regulations that you need to know about. This could be contained in the Federal Register Notices, Aviation Rulemaking Committee Reports, and

They are important resources for companies looking to understand impending regulations, gain business intelligence and properly position your products. But finding the information isn't as easy as it seems. Navigating federal websites and finding what you need is a complex and time consuming process.

Stop wasting time finding the information you need to catch up. Stay one step ahead of the industry with insight and expertise from Catalyst-Go.

Insightful commentary to keep you ahead.

When you work with Catalyst-Go, you don't need to worry about fumbling through legislative jargon and complex federal websites. We will do the work for you. We specialize in dealing with the FAA and DHS. We will work with you through the end to end process to generate a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request. Also, we will monitor agency FOIA logs so you can learn, who might be seeking information about your company.

We offer complete tracking of your issues through the Federal Register, Reginfo.Gov, and ARC Reporting, alerting you to changes as they happen and insightful commentary specific to your company and it's products.



  • Monitoring of Federal Register Notices
  • Monitoring Committee Reports to industry
  • Following Reginfo.Gov
  • Submitting FOIA Requests
  • Monitoring FOIA request logs

The Catalyst-Go Advantage

Information you need, whenever you need it

We work with you and agree with you on the best sources of government information to meet your business needs. We screen the information for relevance and report back with exactly what you need to know.

Lower cost than hiring your own staff

We've worked in this industry for years. This type of analysis is nothing new to us. We understand the language these people speak and know what boxes to check along the way.


We guarantee your anonymity in these processes*. We will never list you as a client or release your name to the agency.

*Unless compelled by subpoena or other legal article

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We have the experience, insight and expertise to help you stay a step ahead of rules and regulations.