Giving you a voice in the conversation.

You've managed to create a disruption. But that doesn't always equate to success.

True success relies on your ability to impress the government or community stakeholders. But you don't have the time or resources to address the PR and policy hurdles that stand in your way. At Catalyst-Go, we help you develop sustainable relations with the who's who of your industry.

Our Public Affairs experts bring a diverse set of multi-cultural public affairs experiences to help you build your brand's image and overcome policy hurdles among regulators. We have formulated successful strategies for companies and created strong relationships for companies like yours from the White House to the European Parliament/European Commission to leading international organizations such as the United Nations.

Working across borders

Our expertise with aviation stakeholders is global in reach. Working across borders, we have worked with:

  • International Civil Aviation Organization
  • European Safety Agency
  • Civil Aviation Administration of China
  • Federal Aviation Administration
  • Japan's Ministry of International Trade and Industry
  • Civil Aviation Authority of the UK

Grab a seat at the table with Catalyst-Go


Your industry may be writing the rules as they go, but government regulators don't change. We know the right things to say. Focusing on a product’s impact on the market, consumers, and the environment, we help you make the argument for lowering regulatory barriers holding back your product.


Don't sit back and let policy form around you. Be a part of the conversation. We specialize in representing your company in industry forums and events, and we'll leverage our top of the food chain relationships to make sure your voice is heard.

Social Media

We live in a connected world, and the perception of your brand is no longer your own. It's the property of every supporter, clicker, liker, follower, sharer and tweeter. We will develop easy to understand messaging that uniquely positions your product and invites the world to take part.

The Catalyst-Go Advantage

Messaging for regulators and not the media

Don't think traditional public relations will be successful for you.The language and images used to motivate and educate regulators is entirely different than that used for the general public. Swaying opinion in this crowd requires a different mind set. We've successfully worked with government decision makers in many languages with different cultural experiences and expectations.


  • Public affairs engagement strategy
  • Relationships with key industry players and stakeholders
  • Messaging campaigns
  • Trusted representative
  • Social media campaigns

Global reach and experience for your company

We help you engineer success into your operations and air vehicle designs by providing deep insight into global obstacles and industry positions that affect your company. Not only can we help you understand the global policy-making environment, but we can identify and manage key relationships for your brand and commercial success.

Connections to the top of the food chain

When it comes to building high level relationships in the aviation industry, we are your turn key operation. Our experts have worked alongside the who's who of your industry and have great relationships in place.

The authority on aviation

We know all the players. We understand the playing field. Let us be your coach to commercial success. The strategy we build and execute for you is based on years of experience with global product development, technology standards, stakeholders, regulators, and associations.

Let us build your relationships.

From small startups to the highest level of the food chain, let the Catalyst-Go network work for you.