The support you need to create and innovate

We work with you to generate an understanding of your core values and objectives. We build strategies that position you for growth. We clarify roles, on all levels, and seek to show how they can evolve. Together, we focus our time on creating and implementing action plans that increase efficiency, improve system and focus on filling the gaps so you can meet your goals.

Technical Analysis →

The world of unmanned systems holds much promise for savvy investors, business owners and operators, and manufacturers. The biggest question you face is does the technology perform as advertised. Making sure you have a platform that can work outside the lab as well as inside shouldn't be your concern. Let it be ours. At Catalyst-Go we specialize in operational testing and evaluation of small to mid-size airborne platforms.

Safety Programs →

When it comes to safe operations of unmanned vehicles, safety regulations and standards continue to be a work in progress among regulators and industry. If you wait until the ink dries on new safety regulations, you expose your company to a broad range of liability claims. That's a problem if you are trying to keep your employees safe, bystanders secure, and investors confident that you have your corporate act together. We are your safety team.

Management Training & Support →

Successful companies understand both the importance of mitigating risks for their investors and bringing product to market with speed and quality. We believe that focused training for executives and teams can give your company a head start in these areas. We offer specialized training designed around the needs of innovators and aimed at product delivery.

Safety Act
Certification →

Liability. It's likely your biggest concern when deploying innovative new products or services. Legal precedence has shown the liability exposure is large enough to cripple an entire enterprise. To incentivize the creation and deployment of anti-terrorism technologies and provide liability protection, Congress enacted the Support Anti-terrorism by Fostering Effective Technologies Act of 2002 – SAFETY Act. But applying is easier said than done. We provide a “turn-key” solution by crafting the entire application from step one.

Government Contracts →

You've built a great company and successfully developed technology ready for commercial applications. Now your teams tells you that the federal government and federal markets could be your customer as well. We help you write proposals that have a higher likelihood of winning a government contract. We focus on crafting responses highlighting how your products are uniquely qualified to address the problem the government is trying to solve.