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Successful companies understand both the importance of mitigating risks for their investors and bringing product to market with speed and quality. But this level of agility demands a solid team cultivating new methods and behaviors within your company that help drive growth.

At Catalyst-Go, we work with you to organize and empower your talent with the right processes, tools and partnerships to deliver reliable and accelerated innovation results. After learning the ins and outs of your organization, we devise a tailored way of pushing the envelope of innovation to help you transform good ideas into reality.

Identifying what drives your innovation.

Innovation is the application of creative concepts in a beneficial way. For a company, this could mean using a new manufacturing process to reduce costs and time-to-market. The process stems from creativity; applying that creativity is innovation.

At Catalyst-Go, our "Transformation Training" is tailored to your organization, helping your leaders identify creative traits in their staff and how to harness that creativity in constructive ways. The ultimate goal: enable your organization to take the concepts, apply them to a specific challenge or project and generate results that will drive innovation.

Our seminars are available to clients in multiple formats, including classroom & onsite. Convenient onsite training courses minimize the impact to your operations. We recognize each organization is unique and will tailor our seminars to your unique circumstances.



Smart Prioritization Training for the C Suite
(2 days, 2-3 executives)
Establishing an action plan to address the key gaps that hold you back.

Team Training
(2 1/2 days, 7-10 students)
Refining design element and product concepts to those most promising for commercial delivery.

Benchmarking Against Best in Class
Identifying how you stack up against the best of the best to uncover opportunities for you to exploit your creavitiy.


Ongoing, proactive, specific and interactive management training

Creating your cycle of success

One time success isn't enough. You're guaranteed to come across more problems down the road. We won't just train you to use the principles and processes of quantitative decision making, we'll instill those habits into your organization's DNA. The result is a management team better able to quickly refine design elements and product concepts to those most promising for commercial delivery.

Exactly what you need, without the fluff

No fluff. No filler. Working alongside senior management, we will collaborate with you on systematically identifying specific areas of your business needing improvement, prioritizing the order of their pursuit, and deciding on the most promising approaches.

Channeling creativity & accelerating decision

To truly harness the creativity and innovation of your team, you need to know how to react. Our training teaches you to employ group ideation techniques within a decision-making framework. This method enables creative and innovative teams to make better and faster decisions.

Measuring our impact & tracking your success

Training is fine, but how do you measure its success? Using our partner, Always-Beta's (TM), Corporate Creativity Quotient (CCQ) ™ we establish a metric for where your organization is and allow you to chart your successes, failures and improvements along the way.

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