Our mission: to help you make the most of your money

We know your goal: generating financial returns by providing entrepreneurs the capital and deep industry networks needed to bring their revolutionary technologies and business models to market.

And we understand that good is never good enough, amazing is okay, but wow is what you are looking for. Whether you're a lead or follower investor, understanding the differences between amazing and wow isn't so easy. Especially when that information revolves around autonomous air vehicles and homeland security technologies.

At Catalyst-Go, we focus specifically on autonomous air vehicles (UAV/drone) and homeland security technologies, their commercial marketplace, and the government marketplace. And we're not just consultants. We've built our careers in this industry. And we uniquely understand Autonomous air vehicles (UAVs/drones) airframes and payloads, and passenger and cargo screening systems.

The speed and expertise you need to invest with confidence.

Let us handle the homework

We can help you know your potential investment before the team ever walks into to the door. We provide you with basic information on the industry, including long-term trends and key competitors. We also identify key regulatory hurdles that might affect product development and the ability to sell a product in a particular market. And we can help you pinpoint the questions you need to ask to ensure your investment is worthwhile.

Supporting your investment

Your biggest challenge is ensuring that great ideas and brilliant teams can translate into successful products. While others get wrapped up in pursuing perfection, we'll help you draw the line where innovation gives way to product delivery. We'll define how we measure progress overtime and help your management team grow from entrepreneurs to leaders.

Closing the cycle

Ultimately, your investment is only worth its return. We keep close tabs on the company you invested in and market trends in their industry, identifying synergies and opportunities as they arise to give you a better idea of how your investment can grow. We help you cover the exit strategy.

You don't need a do-it-all team.

You need an expert who knows the industry and the right questions to ask to guide you towards agile decision-making. Let Catalyst-Go grow your investment.