It's your vision. Let us make it reality.

Your university has become an innovation factory, churning out cutting-edge research led by some of the best minds in the field. Yet, transforming your institution from launch pad and incubator to market opener for new products doesn't come easy.

All too often, you feel that the industry "isn't telling you what it needs" as you struggle to commercialize technologies and fund research. It's a time consuming process to mix and mingle with the who's who of the market, and even more tedious to get the information you need to understand what it is they are after.

At Catalyst-Go, we understand that cutting edge technology takes time. Great ideas don't evolve into global standards overnight. Let us do the ground work while you continue to innovate and educate. We will work with you to build a strategy to gain acceptance from standards making bodies. Then we will execute that strategy on your behalf as your representative and build the relationships needed to keep your idea moving forward.

Time to focus on your tech

Face it, every minute spent at a meeting is a minute away from your technology. It's expensive to have trained scientists and researchers making the rounds looking for the needle in the haystack research opportunity. We can do that for you across industries for far less than what you are losing in terms of lost research opportunities and time building your team.

Experience in high stakes global standards

Our team has worked on global standards issues that have literally touched billions of users and billions of dollars of infrastructure. Our experience covers both hardware and software solutions to meet your needs, whatever they may be. We excel in working in multi-national environments, and have taken standards and shepherded them from national ones to those recognized internationally.

Bring the audience to you

Don't just launch your product. Show it off to the entire world with Catalyst-Go. We have a great deal of experience hosting events around product launches. We know the perfect venues, the right people to invite and have the connections to make your product launch the 'it' event in Washington, D.C.

Become a leader in safety

Don't overlook the importances of safety and security for your tech. We review your IP: products, services, software or other forms of intellectual property and help you determine the best route. Mature technologies can benefit through either being Designated or Certified technologies. Or IP in the research phase we can help you gain protection through a Developmental Testing and Evaluation designation. These certifications and designations set your IP apart and can be transferred upstream to products incorporating them.

Let us champion your next big idea

We have the experience, connections and information you need to nurture your tech from idea to execution.