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Government and federal markets are an untapped market. But complex contracting processes are keeping you away. From government contracting officers that do not keep pace with innovation to companies who don't 'talk the talk' in government speak, it's a challenge to capture and maintain the government as a customer.

Let Catalyst-Go help you put your best foot forward. We have helped write billion dollar plus proposals that highlight technology to capture government contracts. But contract proposals don't exist in a vacuum. Disruptive technologies and process solutions need to be packaged with public messaging that captures that attention of news organizations and government customers.

And once you are awarded the contract, we'll stick around to assist you in delivery and making sure expectations are not just met, but exceeded.

The Right Approach

Before you click submit, are you sure your bases are covered? You need to research whether there is legislative language or laws that have influenced the procurement. You need to perform a regulatory review to see where the procurement fits in the bigger picture of an agency's roles and mission. You need to see how other similar contracts were awarded. You need to assess the stakeholder community that may be affected by the procurement and see if you have any "enemies in the forest" that may object to the substance of the procurement and work with these stakeholders to understand their objections and overcome them in any proposal you write. We will help you do the essential research and put together a strategy to capture a government contract.

Gap-Filling Expertise

Catalyst-Go has deep experience in key autonomous technologies such as power plant design and function and aerodynamics. We also understand the application of aeronautical regulations and certification processes and standards. But our experience does not stop there. Our experts have worked with systems, technology, big data, and transportation technology standards used by the Department of Transportation (DOT), the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), and the World Customs Organization (WCO). We use our expertise to help you refine the technical details of your proposal.

Proposals That Check Every Box

Things need to get written down. We can help you put together a winning solicitation response. We use our experience to help you craft your company's response to a contract solicitation to put it in "contract speak" and make your technology understandable, so that contracting officers have a thorough understanding of how your product addresses their solicitation and needs and they understand the impact on the market, consumers, and the environment.

Taking Your Technology From Bland to Buzzworthy

Your submission will have to stand on its own during review. But why not take advantage of social media, trade press, and other press to put a positive message on your technology? We can put together a highly targeted media campaign that spreads the good news about your company and product. The right buzz may be just the advantage you need when yours is one of many competitive proposals being reviewed.

Ready to get started?

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