Must win contract? Create winning proposals with Catalyst-Go

You've built a great company. You've successfully developed technology ready for commercial applications. But you realize that the federal government and federal markets could be your customer as well.

You're not alone. The reality is that many companies hope to do contract work for the government, but most never will. Why? They have difficulty translating their products into language that works for government proposals. They don't build the product visibility that will attract the attention of the federal government.

Federal proposal writing is a serious business. Handled properly, it presents opportunities for substantial wins. But most organizations don't have the experience, expertise or time it takes to draft winning proposals. Stop feeling overwhelmed with losing proposals. Let Catalyst-Go present your company as the only choice.



  • Research
  • Writing and editing
  • Technical subject matter expertise
  • Visibility: Strategy to put your product in the best light
  • Stakeholder surveys: We can put the right people in the room to gain insight

Our knowledge & experience is your success.

Ground level research to start on the right track

Your proposals shouldn't sound like a marketing brochure. At Catalyst-Go, we will identify and research legislative language in laws applicable to the solicitation and review Congressional Committee reports for any information based on the intent of Congress and what Congress intended by passing the authorization or appropriation. We will also review reports from the Government Accountability Office (GAO) and Offices of Inspectors Generals that may provide key context to a particular solicitation.

Filling your expertise gaps

We provide the technical expertise that may not be native to your organization in very specific areas of UAS/UAV operations and homeland security:

  • UAS airframe capabilities
  • Integration of airframe and sensor payloads
  • Federal Aviation Administration Regulations and airspace management
  • Physical screening processes for air passengers and cargo
  • Data standards for information exchanged among and between the federal government and air carriers

Stakeholder insight

Federal procurements can be controversial. We will identify affected stakeholders and work with them to document their concerns and issues they may have with a procurement. Then we will work with you to develop a proposal that minimizes these concerns, yet meets the federal government's requirements.

Favorable visibility

Government representatives read the news, and what they read can impact how they will view your proposal. We will work with your corporate communication department to identify key publications and messages to highlight your product in advance of a solicitation and during the review process. We can write entire articles, op-eds, and arrange forums that highlight the benefits of your product.

Stop bidding. Start winning.

Let Catalyst-Go help you create contract-winning proposals.