Countering Tomorrow: The Age of Materials, Coatings, and Deception 

This 25 page White Paper based our extensive research into machine perception and machine learning is now available to registered users. Please complete the form below to instantly receive via email a link to download this document.

The white paper covers: 

'Quasi Autonomy' vs. Full Autonomy; Today vs. Tomorrow: Understand how the tech behind emerging autonomous air systems differ from today's rudimentary stabilization and obstacle detection.

How Autonomous Vehicles Perceive Their World: The 101 on how LiDAR, camera arrays, and RADAR build 3D models of the world. 

Perception System Building Blocks: Understand how perception systems navigate the world, identify and classify what they see. 

Limitations of Machine Perception Systems: We explain the factors that enhance or degrade vehicle perception systems. 

Materials, Coatings, and Deception: Missions will succeed unless we understand the obstacles that need to be put in place along the path of the vehicle and understand how to exploit the vulnerabilities of autonomous systems. 

As of our publishing date, what you will be reading reflects the current state of the art. As with all our products, it has been subjected to a thorough peer review process. 

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